Letters To Dr Larijani

In recent weeks, Kamal Foroughi’s son Kamran has written two letters to Dr Mohammad Javad Larijani, the Head of the Human Rights Council of the Iranian Judiciary. 

The first dated 23 March 2016 relates to the application for Mr Foroughi’s clemency.

The second dated 2 April 2016 relates to the lack of information provided about Mr Foroughi’s 17 November 2015 medical. 

Below are copies of these letters, in English and farsi.

Independent Front Page Story

On Thursday 21 January 2016, The Independent’s top story “Now free the Tehran Three” described how the campaign to free Grandpa Kamal (and two other British prisoners) was growing, following the release the previous weekend and return to their families of several US and Iranian prisoners.

Read the Independent article here.