New Amnesty Urgent Action

Amnesty International has launched a new urgent action appeal for Kamal in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

Get involved here.

Amnesty International says that Kamal Foroughi, a 77-year-old British-Iranian man jailed in Tehran’s Evin Prison, has developed cataracts in both his eyes. He may be at risk of losing his eyesight unless he is given access to adequate specialized medical treatment, including cataract surgery.

Please Sign The Petition

Please sign the petition at:

It asks Iran to let 76yr old Grandpa Kamal come home from Evin Prison Iran to his family in the UK. Your signature will make a big difference to our lives and is much appreciated. Please encourage your friends to sign as well and share on Facebook.

Many thanks – Kamran Foroughi and family

Also available in French/Français:
… in Italian/Italiano:
… and in Spanish/Español:
… and in German:
German petition here