Over 2,100 days ago in May 2011, Kamal Foroughi, a British-Iranian dual national, was taken without warning, explanation or charge for questioning at Evin Prison, Tehran, where he has been held to this day.The questioning related to his links with UK. Almost two years later in April 2013 he was found guilty of espionage and he strenuously maintains his innocence.

In 2011, relations between Iran and UK were at an all-time low. Today, the two countries have patched up differences and reopened embassies. Now the Iranian authorities have the opportunity to show how compassionate they are.

Kamal is 76 years old and has not seen any of his family for over 4 years – his wife, two children and two grand-daughters all live in the UK. For over 3 years his family had no contact with him. During the last year they have been allowed regular short calls with him, for which they are very grateful.   However, no written correspondence, photos or videos are allowed. Family or friends cannot visit him. He is one of the oldest and loneliest prisoners in Iran.

Kamal had a clean record prior to arrest and has behaved well in prison. He was told many times that he would likely be released early on his four year anniversary in May 2015. When that passed, he was told he would likely be released at or just after Eid-e-Fetr (end of Ramadan, 18 July 2015). He has since been told he has a good chance of release “next week”, and hopes were raised particularly for release on Eid-e-Ghorban (24 September) and on Eid-al-Ghadir (2 October). Each week passes with no sign of release. This constant oscillation between hope and despair is affecting Kamal’s health.

We his family are very worried about his health and are concerned he may die in prison. He has been waiting for 14 months for a full medical check-up authorised by the Iranian authorities to consider clemency, and we have received no information on the brief medical checks that have been made

October 2015

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