Letter Delivered to Foreign Office

Monday 20 March 2017 was Norooz, Iranian New Year signifying peace and hope. It signified 6 years since 77 year old Kamal Foroughi had seen his daughter, son and two granddaughters. To mark this sad day, his son Kamran delivered a letter to the Foreign Office addressed to the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, where 219 MPs and 42 peers co-signed a letter seeking the release of Grandpa Kamal and two other British citizens held in Iran.

Interested in whether your MP has signed the letter? Please see attached photos and pdf.

Letter to the Foreign Secretary and list of MPs and peers who co-signed


9 thoughts on “Letter Delivered to Foreign Office

  1. gillkennard says:

    I notice with distress that out Tory MO Tracy Crouch has failed to sign such an important
    letter. I wonder what her motives are to fail to add her name.


  2. Alison Clarke says:

    I am ashamed to say that my MP. Rishi Sunak, has not signed the letter, but unfortunately I am not surprised. Not everyone in his constituency is so hard-hearted. I hope you get justice.


  3. Catherine Harrison says:

    Not possible to read the names, unfortunately.

    Keep up the pressure & keep hoping.

    Catherine, London


  4. Dean Harris says:

    This is simply wrong. Ethically and morally. Either these captors must communicate honestly and properly with the family – or realise this man. Otherwise, how can they be regarded as anything other than ignorant or stupid bullies? They are not children who do not know better. They are irresponsible adults who have no place in authority. They need to be dealt with appropriately. Or are the tories admitting that they are toothless?


  5. Iskil says:

    Please help to appeal to the authorities concern to release kamal foroughi from evin prison to his family.

    Kind regards


  6. Sylvia Tibbenham says:

    So sad for you and all your family . Grandpa is not living out his remaining years in comfort of own home and family. Our government must do more to help all who are unfairly detained. Sending my best wishes all will soon be resolved and Grandpa will soon be home with you I myself am 78years old and know the importance of having help and support of family and friends at our age. Keep fighting ,keep praying release happens soon Sylvia Tibbenham.


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